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Syntegrus provide leading institutions in MENA and across emerging markets access to highly qualified executives at no cost, whilst providing coaching and long-term career planning services for senior candidates seeking new leadership opportunities.

Our team is well-rounded, having worked in executive search but also on the client side, meaning we understand the inner workings of companies and what it takes to discover and integrate talent quickly and effectively.

We take time to learn what your organisation needs and, with access to our network of talented executives from around the globe, find the talent you’re looking for swiftly and at no cost.

Who are Syntegrus

We’ve advised UK and overseas executives on every aspect of their careers, as well as partnering with global organisations to supply these executives for over 25 years.

As a result, we’ve created relationships, developed new opportunities and connected individuals and organisations that have gone on to achieve unparalleled success together.

What you’ll achieve with Syntegrus

We boast access to some of the highly-qualified, transformational executives who are ready for the very best opportunities. We can connect organisations with vetted talent that is ready to achieve more, and just needs a platform to do it.

By choosing Syntegrus, you’ll benefit from a process that is optimised to deliver results fast. We can often provide vetted candidates within 48 hours, and thrive on delivering hands-on support that goes the extra mile.

Why work with us

We get results fast. If we believe two people should be connected, we make it happen. Our efficient processes mean that you’ll be able to find executives quicker and trust our recommended candidates.

Our process is agile which means that candidates can fit seamlessly into the recruitment process of companies (and executive search firms).

We also believe we provide a financially healthier way of connecting with senior talent from across the world, as our process is considerably more cost-effective.

When we receive a high-level brief, we can immediately introduce clients from within our existing portfolio that have the skillset required to solve your problems.

Our professionals are fully vetted (GC Index ® ) and guaranteed to reach the benchmark required for your company, meaning they can get to work immediately and start generating results.

Get started on your journey with Syntegrus

Discover more about our services and how we’ve helped global organisations connect with the high-level talent they can’t find elsewhere. Talk to an expert by booking a call below.