SyntegrusAdvance: the proactive job search program that helps you identify and secure the job you really want

Our specialists work with you, one to one, throughout the three
stages of the job search cycle

1. Preparation

We pinpoint the companies and roles that can meet your expectations.  Together, we’ll spend time building your personal brand, developing your value proposition and elevator pitch, getting your CV up to the mark and improving your presentation / interview skills.

2. Marketing

Here, the ball is firmly in our court.  We’ll search for – and prioritise – employment opportunities in the ‘hidden market’. We’ll also arrange meetings on your behalf with those employers you like the look of.

3. Completion

The program provides on-going guidance and advice right up to the day you secure the offer you want.  We’ll also help you negotiate terms with your new employer.

You'll be collaborating with people who only have your interests in mind

You’ll work with people who are committed exclusively to you – instead of the hiring institution.

The SyntegrusAdvance program works solely in your best interests and nobody else’s.

Taking control of the job seeking process means:
  1.  You can be far more proactive and you’re not waiting for recruiters to get in touch
  2.  You find the right jobs faster
  3.  What you learn during the program will be of significant value to you throughout your career
Why you should join SyntegrusAdvance
  • We’re with you every step of the way
  • Recognise your strengths and weaknesses as an employee
  • Gain confidence, develop and enhance your job search strategy and optimise your personal brand
  • Perform successfully – i.e. have an edge – at interviews
  • Access the ‘hidden’ job market, which is rich in opportunity
  • Adopt a proactive approach to the job seeking process and find your next job as soon as possible

“Tarek brought to the engagement a structured approach that’s both powerful and practical, a strong set of pertinent connections, and years of experience helping senior executives plan and get to the next level.  The result was a mix of support across personal brand development, career planning and coaching – that cut through the noise and helped achieve a multiplier impact greater than what I had envisaged.”

– CEO of an international automation focused tech firm

How the program works

You could be on course for your next job in as little as 4 weeks… The program is designed for a specific type of job seeker, an individual who is currently planning the next phase of their career and needs help
starting the process, or for job seekers who are already in transition.

Module 1 (£0)
Initial Discovery

Module outline
A complimentary, 60-minute session-via Zoom or the telephone-with one of the team.  The purpose of the session is to discover and explore.

If we agree on completion of the call that if the program is for you, we commence module 2

Module 2 (£1,999)

Module outline

  • We use the GC Index tool to assess your potential and help identify the companies and roles that are right for you
  • The preparation module lays the foundation of your personal brand and messaging in the public domain
  • Learn how to develop a high impact job search strategy that provides a framework for a clear roadmap
  • Prepare for your interviews, learn interview techniques, interview feedback and reference planning
Module 3 (optional)
Marketing Sprints

Module outline
We proactively identify opportunities in the ‘hidden market’ on your behalf, assess their worth and secure meetings with your preferred target companies.  Provides deep insights on the market.  Manage and prioritise opportunities on your behalf

Module 4 (optional)

Module outline
We support you until you secure your job offer and help you negotiate the package you want with the employer of your choice.

“Tarek’s global rolodex, sharp insight and focus on actionable results were key to my successful repositioning, at a time of unprecedented macro-economic disruption.”

– Executive at a leading global German-based manufacturer

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